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    Perseid's Bermuda Launch

    Perseid is a phased, highly scalable and data-privacy compliant nation-state level identity program built to benefit its government, citizens, residents and companies based on the key tenets of trust, transparency and security. 

    It is therefore a best-of-breed solution match for the existing world-class regulatory standards that have been developed and rigorously upheld over decades in Bermuda. This further ensures its place as an innovator in key services and  sets the jurisdiction onto a multi-year path for efficiency, growth and enablement of its citizens and businesses based on the key tenets of trust, transparency and security.

    Unparalleled Partnership

    Perseid uses cutting edge authentication, security, smart contracts and scalable distributed technologies to establish a clear framework for shareable electronic identities to be used between public and private entities with a baseline of efficiency, ease of use and low cost. 

    Perseid arisen via a partnership of class-leading technology companies that elegantly combine proven applications to implement an e-ID platform that complies with the strictest global requirements for governance, regulatory sufficiency, data privacy and usability. The launch partners are:

    Trunomi (

    Shyft ( ) and 

    BurstIQ (

    Annual Conference

    Our global e-ID Conference and Hackathon will be every year to coincide with the Perseid Meteor Shower each August. 

    The inaugural event will be in Bermuda the week of August 12th 2019, and will bring regulatory, technology, media and thought leadership communities together to collaborate on new identity initiatives, provide open-sourced access to develop using class leading e-ID API’s and technologies and attend an awards gala.

    All of this will be on the beach with crystal clear waters and under limitless skies full of shooting stars during the world’s greatest celestial event.  

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